SALN - Self Advocate Leadership Network

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SALN is a Network made of self-advocates from leading organizations in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island. The majority of SALN members are part of provincial self-advocacy and advisory groups. SALN is aware and interested in the BC self-advocate movement. All SALN members are well established and recognizable.
SALN Vision:
         ♦     Together as one
        ♦     Community For All
        ♦     Equal People
        ♦     Learning from History
The SALN vision is what SALN wants for the disability community
SALN Mission Statement:
        ♦    To promote a good life through positive and informed: actions, networking, and advocacy.
The SALN mission statement is what guides SALN. SALN and SALN members must follow the mission statement.

SALN members and Supporters

SALN members represent these groups in the Network

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