SALN COVID-19 News-sheet #12

April 13, 2021
SALN Newssheet #12: The Government of Canada passes Bill C7Our Response.
This Newssheet is a public document. Information quotes and questions are invited to be shared and included outside of SALN.
The majority of SALN members are part of provincial selfadvocacy and advisory groups. SALN is aware and interested in the BC selfadvocate movement.
All SALN members are wellestablished and recognizable. All SALN members are from leading groups in the movement.
SALN Mission Statement:
To promote a good life through positive and informed: actions, networking, and advocacy.
SALN would like to share the following:
We are sad, scared, and angry that the Canadian government passed Bill C7.
Details on the statement:
We believe that this has further devalued people with disabilities and many other groups of Canadian citizens.
We are concerned that (as stated by the UN experts) “extending assisted dying to people with nonterminal conditions contravenes Article 10 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities” and puts many people with disabilities at risk.
We support the United Nations humanrights experts that have said the following:
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